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Live a more meaningful life by discovering your talents, resources and opportunities with the Funny How Life Works curriculum. Through Michael Jr.'s comedy-filled and value-packed courses, you'll learn key tools and processes to activate your purpose and live fulfilled.

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Many people are living unfulfilled lives and trying to numb this truth by consuming meaningless entertainment. This path can lead to stress, depression and even suicide. Every person has a purpose in life and that the journey to fulfillment doesn’t have to be complex, but can actually be filled with laughter.

It's been proven that when you have an emotional response while learning, you retain more information. Laughter is an emotional response. This curriculum is filled with laughter, so you not only get the information in your head, but it also fills your heart. Not to mention (but I guess I’m going to mention it) it just makes the learning process way more fun.

Access the comedy-filled courses to see how the Funny How Life Works curriculum ... works and learn in a way you may have never learned before!

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The Punchliner Path

The four courses that can take you from where you are, to where you want to be ... AND it's filled with comedy.
"I knew that this was going to be funny, but I had no idea how deep and impactful it was going to be."
Jeff, Dallas, TX

“He’s empowering people to walk out their purpose, not just dream about it.”

Carrie, Dallas, TX

Come to laugh, leave with learning.

What others are saying:

“Michael Jr. is different than other comedians in that his comedy's really clean, but it just makes me laugh so hard. And you just feel like you have a connection with him.”
“When you hear Michael it's not just laughing for two minutes and back to the daily drudge. Now I feel uplifted and like I can take on the day, you know? So, it's not just escapism. I have a new lease on life”
“This is more than just jokes. He's actually going to show us how to be intentional about purpose and I think that is awesome. I've never seen that.”

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